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Contact Information:
P.O. Box 270752
Boston, MA


Toll Free: 888.986.6933
Fax: 617.268.1961
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About Us

Find out how it all started.  Discover the family tradition behind Anna’s and New England’s love affair with Anna’s Fried Dough.

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Our Product

Made from a “secret” family recipe our fried dough is light and airy and always hot and delicious. Each piece is individually hand stretched and then flash fried to golden perfection!

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Where to Find Us

Find Anna’s year-round at the following locations:

  • Gillette Stadium (every event)
  • Boston Garden (every event)
  • Harvard Stadium (every event)

Also, come find us at some of the following fairs:

  • 2014 Marshfield Fair
  • 2014 Woodstock Fair
  • 2014 The Big E
  • 2014 Topsfield Fair

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Find the answers to these and other questions.  If you have a different question then feel free to contact us and submit some of your own.

  • Where can I buy fried dough?
  • Does Anna’s Fried Dough have trans fat?
  • Is fried dough the same as funnel cake?

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